Influenster: IGK Hair Voxbox Review

Influenster: IGK Hair Voxbox Review

I received this last week and immediately started using this.

The wait was annoying. I think it took over a week to finally get to my place after I received the email that I was receiving it. But nonetheless, I received it and I was eager to start using it.

The three full sized items that I received are the Smokes and Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil, Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel, and Beach Club Texture Spray.

I first used the Smokes and Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil. I opened the package probably around 6PM and decided to go shower because I was just eager to use everything.

According to Influenster, this product replaces shampoos and conditioner – meaning you can use this as both a shampoo and conditioner. After I wet my hair, I opened the product and started using it. It was easy to apply and use. The product itself is soft and the smell isn’t strong. There is a slight scent but nothing too bad or too strong. It definitely made my hair softer but that could be because I was still in the shower using it and washing it off. But after I dried my hair, I did notice that my hair was smoother.

The next day, when I woke up, I definitely felt like my hair was softer. I used the Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel next. I know you’re supposed to use it when your hair is damp but I decided to try it when my hair was dry. I can’t stand the scent whatsoever. I think it’s strong and it’s something that you can smell from five feet away. My boyfriend said he didn’t mind the smell but I did. That’s probably what I hate most about this product. I don’t like when my hair products make my hair smell. I think if the scent wasn’t as strong as it was, I wouldn’t have a problem but this was a scent that you CAN smell from sitting down or from someone smelling you 5 feet away. But anywho, I applied it in the morning before I went to work. The product is soft and and easy to apply on my hair. After I put it all over my hair, I “air-dried” it for a bit and then brushed my hair. I noticed it made my hair shiner and smoother. It made my hair look silky. I have very dry, damaged, frizzy, wavy colored hair so this made my hair look alive. My boyfriend picked me up to bring me to work and noticed that my hair looked different. He said it made my hair look “healthy” and “alive.” It made my hair feel soft and smooth. However, if you put a lot of product on your hair and don’t comb or brush it, it will make your hair hard. I put a lot of product on the next day and it made my hair very hard for a few hours. It made my hair stiff but I noticed a few hours later, it made my hair softer.

It does work better when your hair is damp. I tried the product again after I took a shower and before my hair was dry. While my hair was damp, I applied the product and brushed my hair. I let my hair dry off and within a couple hours, my hair was soft! I brushed and combed through my hair and again and I didn’t have a problem! I had a couple tangles here and there but in general, my hair was soft and “alive”. It was smooth and looked nice. It definitely works better when your hair is damp. Although, if you use it when your hair is dry, try using just a little bit to avoid having “hard” hair.

In the pictures, you’ll see that there are two different sets. They are both pictures of when I used the product when my hair was DRY.

The first set, I used the product right away. My hair is naturally wavy and always tangled, so of course, the coconut oil gel did not diffuse the tangled hair, but it did surprisingly make it soft. These pictures were RIGHT after I used the product. I did not add that much product on it so it did not make my hair hard or dry.

The second set of photos, these pictures were taken hours after I used the gel but this time, I used A HANDFUL. In the beginning, my hair was still dry, dead and now stiff because of the gel. It made parts of my hair hard but after it “dried off” or the product was all done, my hair was definitely softer. My hair was still tangled, but this gel isn’t a miracle gel. My hair was rough and dead for the first few hours after using the product but by the end of the night, I noticed my hair was softer, smoother and “alive.” I think for the best use, don’t put too much product on but if you do, constantly brush or comb it out for maybe 20 minutes. I think it’s best to put the product on an hour before you leave the house so that you’ll get the best use.

I definitely do think the best use is to put it on when your hair is damp so that way, when you dry off your hair, your hair will have that “soft” effect. In general, I do like this gel. I can’t stand the scent but it works. It doesn’t have an immediate effect but I did notice that my hair was softer throughout the day. It took away SOME of my frizzy hair, but you can still tell that my hair is DEAD. Definitely recommend using when damp!

Finally, I used the beach club texture spray. The scent isn’t as bad as the gel, but it’s a decent scent. It does NOT give a beach hair look. But it also doesn’t make your hair hard like other hair sprays do. It does not give volume to my hair. I honestly didn’t notice a difference in my hair after using it for 3 days. I’m not sure what it did to my hair. It’s supposed to give a “beachy” hair but I didn’t see that effect at all. It did not give me “beach hair” but it did tame my frizzy hair A LITTLE. My hair was still rough, dry and damaged throughout the day but it did control my frizzy hair a little. I think I have to constantly use this product to notice the difference but after using this product for 3 days, I didn’t notice a major difference. I will continue to use the gel but maybe not the hairspray.

In general, I would give this voxbox a 6/10. I genuinely liked the Smokes and Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil. And the Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel is a hit or miss for me. I think if I used just a certain amount of product and only used it when my hair was damp, then I’d have the best effect but nonetheless, it does work for my hair after several hours. The Beach Club Texture Spray didn’t really do anything for my hair but help tame the frizz a little. It didn’t give my hair any volume but the scent was decent.

DISCLAIMER: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but all opinions are of MY own.

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      December 16, 2016 / 1:45 am

      Yes, they are! I totally recommend!

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