Eating Healthy With Bare Snacks

Eating Healthy With Bare Snacks

Once in a while, I’ll try to eat healthy.

Bare Snacks is all about being healthy and eating right. I bought a package of Bare Snacks’ food with Palm at a discounted rate because I curious and wanted to try them for myself.

The package came with three bags of chips which included Apple, Banana, and a smaller bag of Apple chips. The package also contained “bites” which included all coconut with a spin of Chia + Flax, Chia + Pinaeapple, and chocolate.

It is recommended that you eat these with an Acai bowl or use these chips and bites as toppings. A lot of people use these as toppings with their ice cream and acail bowl. I decided to just eat these alone. It is plain if you eat it alone but there’s also nothing wrong with eating it by itself.

I ate the Apple Chips plain. It’s a great snack to keep you satisfied before lunch or dinner. It does taste completely like an apple but in chips form and it’s so healthy for you. I ate this bag of chips when I had a long work + school day and it did keep me satisfied. I’ll admit, it was a little plain so if you guys don’t like the taste of bland or plain things, definitely use this as a topping and add it to your food.

I also ate the Chocolate Coconut bites and it was delicious. You can taste both the chocolate and coconut and it made want to eat more. Of course, it’s better as a topping so definitely add it to your ice cream or acai bowl.

If you guys are into eating healthy, these snacks are for you. They’re great for your health and they taste so good by itself and as a topping on acai bowls and ice cream.

What are you waiting for? Check out Bare Snacks now!

DISCLAIMER: Bare Snacks Package was discounted to me but all opinions are of my own and as always, completely honest.



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