Pink & White (Vermont Day 3)

Pink & White (Vermont Day 3)

Last day here in Vermont.

Time definitely went by fast but nonetheless, I had fun. We spent the morning cleaning up and eating. My boyfriend woke up around 6AM to make breakfast for everyone but of course, I slept in until 9AM and growled at him every time he tried to wake me up. Oops.

I ended up making myself a turkey sandwich and eating leftovers from last night.

I had packed the night before so I didn’t really have much to pack. I just tried to make sure we left the cabin nice and clean.

The ride back was definitely a lot smoother and better than the ride going there. We knew where to go and what roads to avoid. We didn’t want to get stuck in the snow, again!

We left right before 11AM and when we arrived to New Hampshire (after 2.5 hours of driving) we took a break to eat and stretch our legs. I was starving! Ordered hot dogs, clam chowder and ate my boyfriend’s sandwich and fries!

We all made it home before 4. I got home and snuggled in bed with my boyfriend.

It was quick trip but it was nice! I definitely want to visit more parts of Vermont. I hate how I never got service while in Vermont, but I know there are parts of Vermont that’s beautiful and has service, haha.

This was the outfit I put on before I put my winter coat on.

I wear these high waisted pants ALL THE TIME. They’re from Forever 21 and were bought a couple years back. They were only $15! Socks (I have two pairs on) were gifted to me as a Christmas present from my supervisor and sister. The fuzzy socks are from my sister, which you can buy basically anywhere. The pink halter top is the same halter top I wore on the first day of Vermont, just in pink. Both from Wet Seal. The white cardigan is thin, so it didn’t keep me warm too much but I liked it. It’s from 599fashion. It’s cute for the spring but maybe not so much for the winter. I have no idea where this scarf is from. I wore it in THIS POST. But I believe you can buy a similar one from Forever 21. And again, I wore the same boots I always wear!

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