In Pink We Trust

In Pink We Trust

This is the outfit I wore to work.

My work place is business casual, although most people dress casually. I find it awkward (for me) to wear jeans and opened-toe shoes to work, so I normally don’t. I try to dress business-like but sometimes I’ll throw on a dress with a cardigan or a blazer. Better than jeans, right?

I think it’s totally fine to wear a dress to work! Some people stick to (dress) pants and a button up with a blazer and that’s fine! But dresses (as long as they aren’t too tight like a clubbing bodycon dress) are fine to wear to work! You can easily dress it down with a cardigan or dress it up with a blazer. It’s fun for me to mix and match my dresses to see what works and what doesn’t.

This day was actually freezing cold. 20 degrees. I walked out of the house and didn’t realize it was going to snow this day. It was already too late for me to change because my boyfriend was outside waiting for me. I have a bad habit of not checking the weather and not looking out of my window to see what the day will be like. If I had known it was snowing, I probably would have changed my outfit.

Nonetheless, it was fairly warm inside my office and in my home. It was cold outside but I wasn’t freezing. Maybe it’s because I was only outside for 20 seconds. I think if you’re going to commute or be in the cold for a bit, then you shouldn’t wear a dress unless you have thick tights and a coat on. My tights weren’t too thick but they also weren’t too thin either. They kept me somewhat warm. They’re from Primark! 3 for $7! Such a steal!

It was a Friday this day and I decided to dress bright and colorful. My coworkers asked if I was going anywhere special because to them, I looked like I was dressed up for an event. I normally dress like this but it’s once in a while when I wear bright colors, so they probably weren’t used to seeing me wear pink. I told them I wanted to be bright because it was Friday. Bright colors for a bright day ahead! They were still convinced that I was going on a date or a fancy event, even though my outfit wasn’t even dressy at all.

The pink dress is from 599fashion. I shop here all the time. If you want quality clothing, I wouldn’t recommend this place. I just needed a place to shop for clothes I know I’ll only wear a couple times (I hadn’t done laundry in a while and was running out of clothes). Shipping wait was horrible. I think I waited over two weeks for my package, but nonetheless, you get what you paid for. Threads were coming out of my dress when I opened the package, but I just cut them off. Dress was loose on me, not tight at all. I loved the color and the length was appropriate for work. Texture felt decent. It didn’t feel “cheap” if you know what I mean. It was bearable texture. If you want something cheap for just a couple wears, I recommend this place. I would say the quality is similar to Wet Seal.

Speaking of Wet Seal, that is where my cardigan is from! I bought this years ago so you won’t find it on the website but you can find a ton of cardigans still on their website.

Boots, same old boots I always wear from DSW. I love these boots and you will forever see them in my future outfit posts. 🙂

I wasn’t able to find the exact products I was wearing but I linked alternatives down below if you’re interested!

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  1. January 25, 2017 / 8:53 am

    Nice and simple look, that is always a good combination!


    • Linda Tran
      January 25, 2017 / 5:05 pm

      Thank you so much!

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