Ipsy: February Review

Ipsy: February Review

I received my Ipsy bag on the 13th.

I didn’t entirely like the bag itself. I’m not a huge fan of denim, so I was a little disappointed in the bag, but will still plan on using it. I also wasn’t a fan of the color combination but still nonetheless, I will continue to use this bag.

The products that I received in this month’s ipsy bag are NYX Butter Lipstick, Soo AE Sheet Mask Duo – Purifying Black Charcoal Mask & Nature Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask, Seraphine Botanicals Luminude in Primrose, Absolute New York Nano Liner Ultra Fine Precision Liquid Liner in Black, & Royal & Langnickel MODA Fan Brush.

I first used NYX Butter Lipstick in the color Ripe Berry. I normally wear liquid lipsticks are matte lipsticks, but I’m a huge fan of NYX lipsticks, so I didn’t have a problem with receiving this. It’s creamy and moisturizing. I have very dry lips and this helped to soothe my lips and make them moist. It was soft, so easy to apply the color on my lips. The problem with this lipstick is that it transfers so expect to constantly retouch. I drank out of a straw and a chunk of my lipstick got on it. I didn’t retouch, as seen in my photos, so the color was still on my lips by the end of my shift (3PM) but you can easily tell that I needed a retouch badly. The color lasts if you don’t eat or drink. But if you are planning on eating or drinking, you will have to retouch because it transfers. If you’re not one to check your makeup throughout the day, I don’t recommend eating a big meal. And I recommend only drinking out of a straw because it transfers less than drinking from the cup itself. The color is GORGEOUS. I absolutely adore the color. I think it’s beautiful and I certainly will continue to use this lipstick. I just won’t use it when I know I’m going to be having a meal because I don’t want to constantly check my makeup to see if it smudges.

I used the Royal & Langnickel MODA Fan Brush. It was easy to get the product (I used it for highlighting) on the brush but I couldn’t transfer the product onto my face. I kept having to brush on my face over and over to get the product on my face. I had to put a ton of product on the brush to be able to transfer it onto my face. The fan brush is sot, but the bristles were already falling apart and spreading apart, so that was a little disappointing. I will continue to use it because it is decent. I’ll see if there are any tricks to help me when using this brush.

I used the Absolute New York Nano Liner Ultra Fine Precision Liquid Liner in Black and I was disappointed. It was thin but the product wouldn’t get on my skin. It says that the liner was in Black but it wasn’t dark enough for me. It almost as if it was gray for me. I kept trying to layer on top of each coat but the product wouldn’t let me. I love eyeliner that’s really black and dark and this eyeliner wasn’t dark enough for my taste. I don’t know why but I never have any luck with liquid pens. I shook it constantly to make the ink come out better but it didn’t. It was almost kind of like when a pen is running out, so you shake it so the ink comes out – it was exactly like that with this pen. It was so hard to use that I ended up using another liquid eyeliner on top of it. This pen made my eyeliner look crusty and faded, so I used another liquid eyeliner to cover it up. I’m very disappointed in this liquid pen. I don’t have any pictures with just this liquid pen so the pictures are of me with another liquid eyeliner on top of the liquid pen.

I used the Seraphine Botanicals Luminude in Primrose. I used a little bit as a highlighter on both cheeks and I was still able to see it on my skin. I didn’t use that much product so it wasn’t entirely noticeable unless you’re standing a foot away from my face examining my cheeks, but I only used a little to see if it would still make a difference. And it does! I do plan on continuing using this because I like using this as a highlighter. It definitely gives me a sparkle and makes me glow. I plan on putting more than a little so I can make my cheeks glow even more. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a small glow and not the bright glow you get from using a regular highlighter.

I used the Purifying Black Charcoal Mask later at night. It was cold when I put it on my face so beware of that. I actually did this all wrong. I was supposed to put serum or a toner on my face and didn’t, so I don’t think I received the right results, but that’s okay. I put the mask on my face and tried to smooth out the air bubbles – I ended up not getting out all of the air bubbles so I totally didn’t get the “perfect” results. But the mask was cold and wet. I waited 25 minutes and then took it off and honestly, it did make my face softer and moisturized. I have combination skin so my undereyes get really dry, but this mask helps to soothe it out and moisturize them. It made my face feel good and “awake” so I do actually plan on buying more. Hopefully, next time, I’ll actually put my mask on correctly! The Nature Green Tea Collagen Essence Mask was the exact same thing – rejuvenated my skin and I totally put the mask on wrong but that’s okay! They both work wonderfully.

I’d say this month wasn’t too bad. I’d give this month an 8/10.

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