Travel With Me To: Seacliff State Beach

Travel With Me To: Seacliff State Beach

When in California, go to the beach, no matter the weather.

In NorCal, or at least in the city I was staying in, the closest beach is about an hour away. My sisters and I wanted to go to a beach where they can run and jog.

The beach we went to was called Seacliff State Beach in Santa Cruz. Parking was easy to find – free parking but I think that’s because we went after 5PM.

It was pretty chilly out but I saw a lot of people in t-shirts and shorts so it must have been a normal day for them.

It’s a pretty big beach but we only explored a small part. We walked around and saw stairs and decided to walk down and the view was gorgeous. (The walk back up to the car was horrible though because too many stairs!!) For unfit people, like me, there were benches halfway down/up. I, of course, took a break while going back upstairs. Too many stairs for me!

We made it on time to see the sun set and there was a dock that we went under to take pictures. The best sunsets are always at the beach.

I didn’t take my shoes off so I have no idea how the sand or the water was but the view was amazing. There were a lot of people walking their dogs and people playing in the sand. There was wood on the beach so I’m assuming that there are a lot of bonfires in the summer. It’s also a perfect place to go jogging, which was what my sisters did!

I wish it was warm because I really wanted to experience the sand and the water.

Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to visit again.

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