Travel With Me To: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Travel With Me To: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

My sister and I visited the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

When we went to the lobby to purchase our tickets, we were told that there was a new exhibit at the museum and tickets were only $15 for anybody under 30 years old. After we bought our tickets, we were told that there were 5 buildings to this museum. FIVE. One of the employees joked and said, “Yeah, it’s going to take you a while.” We didn’t mind because we didn’t really have any other plans afterwards since we changed a few things on our itinerary. All of the buildings are connected underground so you never have to walk out of a building to go to the next, which I thought was so cool and convenient!

We started off with the most popular building, Pavillon pour la Paix. There were 6 levels to this building, which was a lot for us. When my sister and I first saw this building, we thought it was small until the employee told us that there were 5 buildings. You can literally spend all day here! I can see why this building was the most popular. It contained contemporary art, which is my favorite. I love contemporary art and I love seeing the different types of art there is. The stairs and lobby room are aesthetically pleasing, too! One of the security guards saw me taking photos and looking at the map and mentioned to me that I’ll love how the stairs look. I unfortunately did not take any photos of the stairs because there were people on literally every floor but it was just aesthetically pleasing. It was neat, organized and minimal.

After we finished this building, we went to Pavillon Jean-Noel Desmarais. We automatically went to the opening exhibit, The Chagall. At first, my sister and I didn’t enjoy it because we thought the lights were too bright and they were hurting our eyes. But we did like the artwork! They contained fashion from different cultures and honestly, I was so fascinated by the details and the creativity. This exhibit was packed so I kept bumping into people and people kept bumping into me. I’m not sure if it’ll be open by the time you guys are reading this because it was a special exhibit. This building also contained a restaurant, a salon and a boutique, so this building is definitely family friendly, and a way to kill time.

The third building we went to was Claire eet Marc Bourgie. Here, there were 4 levels and it was a pretty much a building for the history of Canadians, where you get to learn about Quebec and how Montreal came to be. You also get to learn about the history and backgrounds of Canadians along with learning about Jesus and how he died for us. I’m personally not religious so I skipped parts of the floor containing Jesus, but it is a great way for others to connect to Him and to learn more about him.

The fourth building we went to was Michal et Renata Hornstein. There were 4 levels to this place. Here in this building, you learn about Asian art, African Art, Islamic Art, and archaeology. I personally loved this building because I like learning about cultures and art that are different from mine. We were able to see art from Egypt and Africa. There were some exhibits that were closed so unfortunately, we were not able to see every single room, but it was still interesting for us.

The last and final building was the Liliane et David M. Stewart. There were only two floors to this building. You get to see modern and contemporary design. You also get to see the different types of decorative art and design, meaning you were able to see different furniture and art, and learn the history behind them. At this point, my sister and I were exhausted. 5 buildings?! We were ready to eat so we actually didn’t take our time in this building. We went on our floor and finally decided to call it quits.

I completely recommend this museum. It’s a lot of artwork but it’s great history to learn. It may take you a couple hours or even the whole day, so definitely plan ahead! It’s worth coming here and the employees were so nice to us and gave us instructions when we were lost!

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  1. May 21, 2017 / 4:39 pm

    These pictures are amazing !

  2. May 22, 2017 / 4:03 pm

    Such an amazing trip! I love the pics!


  3. May 24, 2017 / 2:33 am

    Wow! Love this post. Thank you for the information…totally need it.

  4. May 24, 2017 / 4:04 am

    How cool! I want to go to Montreal, you’ve given me just the inspiration I needed to get my planning together. I past due for a nice vacay. Looks like such a grand time too.

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