Styling Leopard

Styling Leopard

A few years ago, I had an unhealthy addiction with leopard prints.


Rue 21 Leopard Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M Pants (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M Bodysuit (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE)

I don’t wear leopard too often anymore, but I decided to try it out again. I think patterns are fun to wear and I recommend that everyone should have some sort of pattern-styled clothing in their wardrobe. I always play it safe with my wardrobe and always wear basic, casual clothes. But today, I decided to branch out. I decided to wear this leopard cardigan from Rue 21 today because I wanted to try something different. Well, in this case, try something old again. This cardigan is very thin, so it’s great for summer and spring. I don’t recommend it for the winter or harsh weather because it will not protect you. The fabric is somewhat sheer, and it’s very light-weight. It’s great for the summer time when you feel that slight summer breeze since it’s not thick enough to keep you warm. It can also be a beach cover up, but I wore it as a regular cardigan. I love the beige/tan colors and I think it looks great with any color combination. And I love the length of this cardigan! SIMILAR HERE.

I know you’ll probably think the army green color looks weird with the tan/beige/brown combination but honestly, I like these colors together! I think beige/brown matches everything! And I wanted to branch out of my “safe” colors and try different color combination, hence the army green and brown combination. I personally like these colors together and I think it’s fun to get out of your comfort zone and play around with different colors! My top is actually a bodysuit from H&M. It’s a sleeveless bodysuit with a slight turtle neck. I adore it because it’s soft, it’s stretchy, and it’s comfortable! It has buttons on the bottom of the bodysuit so that I don’t have to take my suit off completely to use the bathroom, which is so convenient for me! SIMILAR HERE.

I paired this outfit with pants from H&M. They’re technically leggings but thicker. I wear these pants all the time and sadly, yes, they show my camel toe. Why do I keep wearing these pants if they continuously show my camel toe? Honestly, I just love the way they make me feel. They’re soft, stretchy and outline my body. That’s why I keep wearing them. I know the camel toe is unattractive and totally not professional for work, but I’ll get better at hiding it with time. I just really adore these pants and I’m obsessed with them! SIMILAR HERE.

I wore my regular black ankle boots. Can’t wait for summer so that you guys never have to see them again! SIMILAR HERE.


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  1. May 24, 2017 / 8:13 pm

    leopard is such a versatile print hard not to be obsessed with it

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