Red Christmas

Every year, my family and I have dinner at my place for Christmas.

Last year, we had a yankee swap and decided to do it again this year.

Everybody arrived at my house around 5. We were all on time except for my best friend. She came about an hour later but it's fine because it's better late than never.

All of my siblings were there and their partners. My best friend was there and of course, my mom. It was a lot of people in one little living room but we managed to make it work and have everyone join in.

We started off eating with hot pot and watched a movie, Don't Breathe. I didn't eat prior to the dinner so I was starving! I think I had two bowls. Mostly everybody had two bowls too so we were all pretty hungry. We watched Don't Breathe. I like reading the synopsis and plot lines of everything before I watch anything because I like knowing what happens before it happens. Of course, I got scared still regardless of knowing what happened prior.

And then, finally opened presents and just talked and hung out. It was nice seeing all of my family together hanging out. It was nice. It was nice having the entire family there.

We were all pretty loud, getting excited to open gifts and "steal" someone else's. I got a new duffle bag that no one stole and I made it loud and clear that it's mine! I'm excited to use it. It's pretty small since I'm a person that likes to over pack but it'll help me to pack the necessities.

My dress is from Wet Seal. I bought it when it was on clearance for 75% off and I love it. It's a swinging dress but it was long enough to cover my butt and have me not worry about my ass showing. I especially loved the back of the dress. I just love "cut out" dresses. :)

I hope everyone had fun though, because I know I did.

Definitely enjoyed this Christmas. :)

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