Maxi Me

This is an old outfit from August but I wanted to make a post about it anyway.

My family and I went on a little mini Maine road trip back in August. We were debating if we wanted to go down south or not, and one of us suggested we visit Maine since we all hadn't really explored much of Maine.

Let me tell you, Maine is underrated. Sure, I don't like parts of Maine because it makes me feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere, but there are so many parts of Maine that IS beautiful. The people in Maine are all friendly, too and are patient and nice. I liked the energy I was receiving when I was in Portland and even in Acadia National Forest. And Maine has a lot of scenic views, so if you're interested in sight-seeing, Maine is a good state to visit.

We woke up around 4:30AM to chase the sunrise at Ogunquit Beach, Maine. Then, we traveled to Old Orchard Beach, and explored Cape Elizabeth and finally made our way to Portland. It was supposed to rain the day we arrived so we went to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens before it could rain.

I had my makeup on since last night - that's really bad for my skin, but I was tired the night before and was only going to get four hours of sleep anyway, so why not? And my makeup still looked nice when I woke up in the morning.

It was cold in the morning but it got a lot warmer throughout the day so I decided to wear a skirt and crop top with sandals anyway. I had a sweater on in the morning but took it off a couple hours later.

The skirt is a high low skirt from Forever 21. I bought this a while back but I'm sure they have tons of maxi skirts on their website. The crop top was a birthday present but I believe it's from Express. You can find a cheaper alternative at Primark or Forever 21, or even Charlotte Russe. I think the shoes are either from Wet Seal or Forever 21. I didn't have a problem with my skirt touching the ground but when I went in the water at Ogunquit Beach, it did touch the water and get wet but it didn't take too long to dry. I took the glasses from my sister but they're Raybans. You can probably find a cheaper alternative from Quay Australia.

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