Striped Collared Dress (+ Fake Import Model)

Last Day of San Jose.

Forever 21 Striped Dress (SIMILAR HERE) || Wet Seal Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || Forever 21 Leggings || 599fashion Boots (SIMILAR HERE)

Can’t believe I’ve been here for two weeks already. This day, March 8th, is my last day and time to say goodbye to California.

By the way, this post is more of a comedic post. I don’t plan to be an import model. Before we left to the airport, my sister thought it would be funny to take photos with the car because she knows how much I love jeeps. And it's a rental car that we used for the past week!

The dress is a long sleeves striped dress from Forever 21 in a SMALL. SIMILAR HERE. It’s so cute and warm. It was pretty hot out this day so I was sweating a little bit. The material is soft and somewhat thick and it’s pretty long enough to wear without leggings. It’s definitely appropriate for work but I decided to wear it as a “casual” outfit and as a “traveling” outfit because I wanted to stay comfortable and warm for the flight back home. I also love the collared part. My flights always tend be really cold because the person next to me always turns up the AC, so I like to keep warm on my flights. The collared dress and long sleeves definitely helped me to stay warm and cozy!

Cardigan is from Wet Seal, and it’s somewhat thin, somewhat thick. I had to take it off because I was so warm in it. SIMILAR HERE.

Boots are from 599fashion. SIMILAR HERE.

Leggings are from Forever 21 in an XS. It’s warm and comfortable. Definitely a little thick and stretchy. I buy most of my leggings from Forever 21. You can definitely wear them as pants, if that’s what you guys like!


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