Travel With Me To: Palace of Fine Arts

One of the places I got to visit when I was in California was the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

One of my best friends visited this place last year so when I was in California, I knew I wanted to visit this place. My sister googled things to do in San Francisco, and this place popped up, so we decided to go since we were already in San Francisco.

It was raining when we went, so we didn’t stay too long unfortunately. This place is close by to the Golden Gate Bridge, so anyone who goes to San Francisco to see the bridge, definitely come here after.

Parking is free but it is a small parking lot. Thankfully, we found the very last spot when we got there.

The building is HUGE. I couldn’t even take proper pictures because of how huge the building is. I was in AWE and AMAZED. The architect was amazing and honestly, no matter where you stood, the entire place was beautiful. Walking around the entire place didn’t take too long. If you didn’t stop to take pictures, I think it was about a 15-20 minute walk.

Behind the building was a small pond where you can see a “faraway” view of the palace and can see the building as a whole. But the building is HUGE. When taking pictures, I looked like an actual ant because that’s just how big it was.

Totally recommend everyone to see this beauty. Rain or shine, it is absolutely gorgeous.

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