Travel With Me To: Lombard St, San Francisco

For those of you who don’t know, Lombard St in San Francisco is the most crooked street in the world with eight hairpin turns. It’s a steep, one-block section that just attracts tourists.

I’ve heard of Lombard St because I’ve seen pictures on my Instagram from other people but I never knew how popular it was.

My sister and I were already in San Francisco so we figured, why not visit all the monumental places? So we drove to Lombard St, found street parking and walked about 5 minutes to Lombard St. There were a TON of tourists. I didn’t think Lombard St was that well known until I arrived.

You can tell all the San Fran born/locals were annoyed because it’s a street you can actually drive down! I thought it was just a famous street for movies but no, you can actually drive down it and it was interesting to see cars do it. You can tell all the locals hate tourists because well, we’re annoying and want pictures and cause traffic. Most of them didn’t beep but they did run their engine high so you can HEAR their frustration and move out of the way. Some even gave us a dirty look and were probably thinking, “It’s just a damn street!”

I honestly didn’t care that I looked like a tourist. I love exploring and visiting new places, so I didn’t mind!

We walked down Lombard St so we were able to see a view at the top, in between and the bottom. When we started walking upstairs, my mom literally shouted, “We went down the hill for pictures, now we’re going back up?!” Sorry Ma. But at least we all got our exercise for the day! It was a long way down and a long way up, but thankfully, there were spots to rest up on the way up.

There were houses along the street so most of them probably looked out to see the tourists and laugh about how we’re all desperately trying to get the perfect picture, haha.

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