Fishnet Trend

Hopping on the fishnet trends months later.

F21 fishnets (SIMILAR HERE) || TOSAVE Crop Top || TOSAVE Pencil Pants || American Eagle Crop Top (SIMILAR HERE) || Primark Shoes (SIMILAR HERE)

I love seeing what’s trendy, but I always have a bad habit of hopping on any trends months later when it’s not in style anymore. I’ve always worn fishnet tights. I wore them throughout high school and parts of college, and then stopped. But I saw this trend starting it up few months ago and I decided to hop back into it.

My fishnet tights are from Forever 21. They have very affordable tights with many different designs and textures. I think mine were only about $4 and they come in different sizes, too! But they’re also stretchy. I guess what I don’t like about fishnets is that they can be a tad uncomfortable. Stepping on fishnets can be a pain, especially if you don’t like the marks, so I do recommend footless fishnet tights. SIMILAR HERE.

My top and bottom are from a website called It is an online e-commerce company that offers so many different categories at such a reasonable price. Some categories include clothing, makeup, electronics, video games, etc. All of their prices are so affordable and you can literally find anything you need on this website.

My pants were supposed to be somewhat like joggers or trousers, but they're more so pencil pants. However, they are tighter than joggers and somewhat are like leggings instead but with a thicker quality and not as stretchy. I decided to get them in light gray because I wanted to try a different color other than black. I also like how they’re cut out, although the cuts and splits look like you could have easily done them yourself. However, the slits are clean, meaning there were no threads coming out, which is great! It is somewhat stretchy but definitely more so tight. The quality is decent. It isn’t soft or super stretchy, but it’s not patent, wool, or anything that will upset or irritate your skin. It is somewhat of an elastic material. The top of the pants where the drawstrings are, is definitely elastic. I personally do like these pants because they honestly feel good on me. They’re not thin enough to see your underwear line and they’re not see-through at all but the material IS thin. They're like leggings, pretty thin but not see-through but not as stretchy. Nothing to worry about though, because they are comfortable. I purposely bought these because I thought they were joggers but instead, they are just regular pants that can somewhat get confused with leggings. I don’t find a problem with that but I was a little disappointed at first, but I will still continue to wear these pants. They’re also somewhat high waisted, which is great for me because I love high waisted pants. They're comfortable and I didn't have any problems with them when I was out and about wearing them. And I love how they make my butt look good! Definitely a plus!

The top is just a regular white crop top with a twist, literally. I love how you can tie it as well. I think it makes the top cuter. I purposely bought this because I knew it was going to be somewhat see-through. I wanted to wear some sort of bralette underneath but I ended up just wearing a regular black crop top from American Eagle in an extra small. I got this top in white for the see-through effect so you can see my crop top underneath. I had no problems with the crop top, so I genuinely do like it. However, it is pretty thin, so it can be worn to the beach or as a second layer over a bralette. But I didn’t have any problems with it whatsoever. It’s just another basic white crop top but super inexpensive. You literally cannot beat the price, super affordable! And I love the little knot! It makes the crop top more unique and makes it stand out! I totally love this top!

My shoes are from Primark. They’re pretty much like tennis shoes or fake vans. I wore this in a navy blue for a slight pop of color since I was already wearing gray and white. You can somewhat see the black underneath my crop top but I wanted to add a little more color, which is why my shoes are navy blue.

I do recommend just because it is so inexpensive, and honestly, it’s somewhat like eBay, because you can find literally anything and everything on it. However, I will say that it is an online store FROM CHINA. Something similar to aliexpress or any Chinese wholesale company. I was a little skeptical at first but the communication with the company was amazing. They answered me in a timely manner and answered all of my questions.

I know what you’re thinking – shopping from China is a hit or miss. YES, IT IS. Same when I buy items from China on ebay or Aliexpress or any other Chinese website. The prices are unbeatable, though. They’re so inexpensive and you literally just can’t say no to the price, which is why I continue to to shop from Chinese websites. Yes, all items are hit or miss, but I think it’s worth taking the risks. And thankfully, I didn’t have that “miss” problem with these two items. I genuinely love these jogger pants and sheer crop top, and didn’t necessarily have a problem with them. I thought the quality was decent and definitely didn't have a problem with them. Sure, it's not top notch quality but the quality wasn't bad either. It was definitely a hit for me, so I do recommend taking that risk with TOSAVE.

However, shipping time may take long, depending on where you are from. I’m from Boston and these products, I believe, were either shipped on March 23 or early April. And I didn’t receive them until the first week of May. I somewhat forgot about the package until I came home and saw it on my doorstep. So if you’re impatient and need your clothing right away, then this website may not be for you. But if you’re patient or easily forget your packages and like being surprised with one when you come home, then I do recommend this site! Unfortunately, they do not offer a tracking number so you WILL have to be patient, but their customer service rep reassured me that it was on the way and even screenshot proof that they shipped it out. A++ for customer service.

And also, make sure to READ YOUR SIZE DESCRIPTION. Asian sizing can be a lot smaller than American sizing (or whichever country you’re from) so double check the sizing charts. I typically wear XS-S so I decided to get a small in these products and I didn’t have a problem with them. It fit me perfectly. So if you’re unsure what sizes to get, double check the sizing charts and maybe order a size bigger, just in case!

I definitely recommend looking into TOSAVE.COM. It doesn't hurt to check the site out and it doesn't hurt to take a risk and buy something. You never know - you might love the product and have a great experience. I totally recommend it.

DISCLAIMER: Crop Top & joggers were gifted to me by TOSAVE but all opinions are of my own and as always, completely honest.





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