Red One Piece Swimsuit

Warmer weather is finally here!

Cheers to my first beach day wearing an actual swimsuit (May 18th). I’ve been to numerous beaches in the past few months but I didn’t wear a swimsuit because of the weather. Cheers to my first swimsuit this year!

I don’t have that many one pieces but I’ve decided to branch out this year and try them! I’ve worn a couple last year but I made it a goal to buy more this year and try it out.

I love this one piece. I love the color. Red makes you stand out! And it’s just a fun color and looks great on everyone. My swimsuit is padded. The padded did feel weird though because it didn’t fit my boobs completely. So there were times when I felt like my boob was going to pop out but it didn’t. I tied my swimsuit very tight. It was just the padding that made me feel like my boobs were going to fall out because of the placing. The swimsuit was very comfortable. It was stretchy and not tight whatsoever. It fit my butt and my love handles and my waist. The only thing that I had a problem with was the boob part, mainly because of the padding. Other than that, this swimsuit was perfect! I adore the color and I just love how it fit me so well. I can’t wait to wear more one pieces this summer and I can’t wait to show them all to you.

Have you guys gone to the beach yet?


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