What The Bomber

What The Bomber

A day in Boston equals lots of photos.

My best friend, my sister and I decided to go to Boston for our photoshoot. We knew about the photoshoot for about a few days but didn’t decide a place to go to until the night before. We settled for Institute of Contemporary Art and the Skywalk Observatory.

I hadn’t been to the Institute of Contemporary Art, also known as ICA, for years so I wanted to see if anything was different. Shirley went a couple years ago whereas Linna had never gone, so I thought this would be the perfect place to go to – art museums are always great for photos and seeing all the beautiful artwork.

We all got a discount through our student IDs so I believe it was just $10. The artwork was on the fourth floor and to be honest, I don’tremember it being so small. One of the employees told us that part of the museum was closed for a new exhibition but even if it wasn’t closed, the museum was rather small. I thought it was a lot bigger but then again, I hadn’t been to this museum in over 5 years.

I did enjoy the artwork. I personally am a huge fan of Contemporary Art, which is why I chose to go to this museum. One of the employers was telling us about the artwork and the entire time, I kept thinking, “Wow, so cool!” I was fascinated by literally everything I saw. Linna and Shirley were taking pictures of me while I was looking at the artwork but I genuinely was interested in the work.

There was a section of the museum where we were able to see a small view of the skyline of Boston – we were able to see the Tobin Bridge and a few other small places. There was also a window that slant down that the girls wanted me to lean against. I was scared to be honest. I thought I was going to fall but it ended up being okay. We sat down and just talked about life. I hadn’t hung out with Shirley for a while so it was nice to catch up and see how she was doing.

We drove around to find a place to eat afterwards and then, we were on our way to the Skywalk Observatory. It has been a year since I’ve been there and it was Linna’s and Shirley’s first time up there, so it was pretty cool! I think it was $14 with a student ID. The Skywalk Observatory is pretty much where you can see the entire skyline of Boston. I was in awe of the view. I hadn’t seen it in over a year so I was taking it all in. I hope to wake up to a view of the skyline one day.

I normally don’t wear jeans but I saw this online and HAD to get it. They’re supposed to be cropped girlfriend jeans but of course, because I’m short, they ended up looking like regular skinny jeans. They were a little tight around my waist so sometimes, I wouldn’t be able to bend down without adjusting the jeans but nonetheless, they were pretty comfortable. Bought it 80% off clearance at Wet Seal. The top is a bodysuit that I bought at Wet Seal too for 80% off clearance, too. They have buttons at the bottom so I don’t need to take off my entire top to use the bathroom. So comfortable, too! The bomber jacket, I’ve had for years and honestly have no idea where I got it. But bombers are in now so I think any store will have affordable bombers. The shoes were bought years ago from Charlotte Russe. I wanted a little “pop of color” since I was already wearing black so decided to wear blue/teal velvet shoes and they were pretty comfortable. The peacoat was given to me by my sister and it’s pretty old too considering there’s a button missing (haha). But I like how long the peacoat is and it’s pretty comfortable, too.


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