Striping It

Striping It

More stripes, more stripes, more stripes.

My sisters and I all hung out this day (Friday February 10). It was a snow day so we had the day off and decided to go out and drink.

I’m not much of a drinker so all I did was eat while my (three) sisters all had a drink.

We went to a casual place so I decided to dress casual. My dress is from Primark! No surprise. (SIMILAR ONE HERE.) All of my outfits are from Primark. Wish they had an online site because I recommend this place. They always have a sale going on and everything is so inexpensive. And the quality is similar to H&M and Forever 21. I bought this dress in a size 6. It was on sale and I couldn’t pass it up and decided to buy it. I normally wear a size 2-4 but I didn’t think a 6 would be too big, and it wasn’t that big! It was roomy but still fit me! I adore stripes and dresses.

I wore leggings from FOREVER 21 instead of tights because it was chilly out and I wanted to bundle up a little. I love buying leggings from Forever 21 because they fit me perfectly, they keep me warm and they’re not that see-through, so you can get away with wearing them as just pants.

Went light with the makeup as well. Snow days are my lazy days and decided to just have my eyebrows and eyeliner done!

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