Little Gray Dress

Little Gray Dress

2nd Night of Philadelphia.

Light gray Rue 21 dress (SIMILAR HERE) | Beige target cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) | Primark tights (SIMILAR HERE) | 599fashion black ankle boots (SIMILAR HERE)

My sisters and I decided to go to the bar so I changed out of my jeans and bodysuit into this light gray dress.

This light gray dress almost resembles white. I thought it was white when I first bought it but it’s actually gray. It was bought from RUE 21. SIMILAR ONE HERE. I absolutely adore the color. It’s a soft material with an even prettier back. I honestly bought it because of the back. I love how simple the front is but once you look at the back, it looks even better. I love dresses with some sort of design or cut to it and with this dress, it had a nice back.

It was a little cold so I did wear a cardigan. I thought this cardigan was from Wet Seal or Forever 21 but it’s actually from Target. SIMILAR ONE HERE. It’s long and thin and perfect to pair up with dresses. I adore the color – it’s a beige color and I think it went perfectly with the dress.

Tights are from Primark. SIMILAR ONE HERE. These tights are thicker and darker than the tights I normally wear. I actually didn’t pack the thin ones because I thought it was going to be cold so therefore, I was stuck with the “thicker tights” but that’s okay because they did keep me warm. It was chillier at night so I’m glad I packed the thicker tights instead of the thin ones.

I wore ankle boots (not shown but can be seen in THIS POST) because I’m actually not a huge fan of heels and didn’t want my feet to hurt at the end of the night. Plus, my black ankle boots had a one inch heel on it anyway, so it did give me a little height. SIMILAR ONE HERE.


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