Styling Colorful Cardigans

Styling Colorful Cardigans

It’s Spring so that means a lot more of color.

Loft Button Down size 2 shirt (SIMILAR HERE) || Wet Seal Cardigan (SIMILAR HERE) || 599fashion boots (SIMILAR HERE) || H&M Pull Up Pants (SIMILAR HERE)

My shirt is a button down shirt from Loft. I love the light colored purple/lavender color. It is soft material and even though it’s a size 2, it is a little big on me. I SHOULD’VE let the shirt straight down instead of tucking it in because tucking in a material like this can actually ruin the shirt. I asked my boyfriend if he preferred my outfit tucked it or straight down and he said tucked in, so I obviously listened to him. Looking at the photos, it would have been a lot better if I didn’t tuck it in, but that’s okay. I wanted to show the different alternatives of styling soft cotton button down material. This is just one of the ways to style a button down top. I love the color because I normally don’t wear lavender or light colored purple colors, so this was different for me. The shirt is soft and of cotton. I love the fabric and think it’s totally appropriate for work. Tucked in or let down, the shirt does look big on me but surprisingly, it wasn’t TOO BIG on me. The sleeves aren’t shown but they’re actually up to my forearm. They don’t go to my wrists which was fine because I didn’t mind. SIMILAR HERE.

The button down was paired up with a colorful cardigan from Wet Seal. I bought this cardigan years ago. I adore the colors and I think it worked perfectly together with the button down. The colors of the cardigan are gorgeous and it’s a pretty thick cardigan, so it kept me warm for the weather here in Boston. SIMILAR HERE.

Pants are pull up pants from H&M. They look more like leggings because of how tight it looks and because it’s stretchy. My cardigan was able to cover my butt a little so although the pants may be “inappropriate” for work, I was still able to cover it up with my cardigan and make it look more professional with my button down. This outfit is one of the ways to make “inappropriate clothing” work in the office. My stretchy pull up pants that look like leggings can easily be viewed as “professional” by pairing it up with a button down and cardigan. SIMILAR HERE.

Shoes are from 599fashion. SIMILAR HERE.


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  1. Leonardo Fernández
    April 11, 2017 / 9:55 pm

    nice style! love the boots

    Love the composition on your pictures!

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