How To Achieve That “Carefree” Form of Beauty

How To Achieve That “Carefree” Form of Beauty

How To Achieve That “Carefree” Form of Beauty

For all of our efforts to look beautiful and fashionable, we often find people who seem to exude both of those qualities as naturally as the wind blows. This can be demotivating when we feel that to look our best we must put in a massive amount of daily effort. Why should you have to put in so much when someone else can achieve similar or better looks without having to worry too much about it? Of course, you might not have considered that you are overcomplicating the issue.

The following tips should help you exude some of that ‘raw beauty’ that you currently seem to be envious of. As you use this advice you’ll realize that you were gorgeous and worthy in a natural way from the start.

Look After Yourself

Looking youthful, beautiful and attractive is 90% dictated by how healthy you are. Healthy people are attractive, no matter the construction of their face or how well they dress (to a degree.) Take the effort to make sure you drink plenty of water, you may your hygiene impeccable, and you look after your skin through wash and moisturizers. Also, take steps to prevent being ill. Getting over a nasty sickness can make you look dishevelled for weeks. Of course, looking good takes second priority over feeling and living healthy, but if you’re constantly fighting a cold or some other illness that doesn’t render you completely home bound, and you’re appearance conscious, it’s likely you want to shift these worrying periods as quickly as you can. Flu season is upon us, so it’s important to make sure you keep on top of your general health to a degree that mitigates or prevents its effects.

Don’t Worry

You’re never going to look ‘perfect’ in your own mind. You can feel happy, confident and satisfied in your appearance efforts without achieving perfection. It all depends on how you configure your perceptions around beauty. Do you partake in it to reduce insecurities, or to express your natural beauty? Are you hiding who you are, or gently expressing your strengths?

Less is usually more when it comes to fashion and beauty, so be sure you’re not overcompensating for your lack of faith in your image, and try not to worry so much. You are wonderful and beautiful, and if you wear clothes and conduct beauty regimens that make you feel as such, who is anyone to tell you differently? This carefree attitude is the first step to exuding natural confidence, and will inform every step you make in your general walking cadence, style and comfort in your own skin.


You should never worry about constantly adhering to one style. Why not try and change things up regularly to find a happy medium you can enjoy in a given season? Trying on clothes that take that little extra risk can help you find a style you might truly adore, that you otherwise would not have found. It takes a carefree attitude to do this in the first place, but people who do will find it informing their general natural beauty, and develop a strong yet gently expressed sense of style.

With these tips, you’ll become that carefree beauty you have always envied, even though deep down you were that person all along.

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