Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him.

With Valentine’s Day this month, I’ve decided to start a new series called, “Valentine’s Day with Linda” where there will be multiple posts for Valentine’s Day. The first post of my series will be Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him. So this “him” can be anyone – a boyfriend, a friend, a dad, a relative. This “him” doesn’t have to be just a significant other.

I’ve broken down this gift idea with creative, under $25, under $50, $100, under $250, under $500 and so forth so that you had ideas on a budget.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

The first set on this gift ideas is the creative section. This creative section can be expensive or as inexpensive as you want it to be.

  1. 52 Cards telling your partner why you love him. I know you’ve seen this around every year but I think it’s just so cute. This can be for a friend as well explaining on each card why you love them or value the friendship. These cards are so inexpensive as well. It shouldn’t be more than $10!
  2. Heartwarming Letter. I am a sucker for letters. I love writing love letters or friendship letters to people. Basically, it’ll be about how much I appreciate the person so you can write a letter to your partner expressing your feelings and thanking him for what he has done for you. You can decorate it or just write it on a piece of lined paper!
  3. Homemade card. This is somewhat related to the heartwarming letter but instead, this will be a card where you make it fancy and decorate it. You can add a few lines of text or just a few words, but definitely decorate it to make it pretty!
  4. Scrapbook. This may cost a ton of money depending on how creative you want to be. I created a scrapbook for my boyfriend a few years back with pictures and events that happened in our relationship. He thought it was adorable and still has it to this day. This, of course, depends if your partner is into creative projects but if he sees all the effort you put into your scrapbook, he’ll love it! This gives me the opportunity to be creative and have fun.

Gift Ideas for Him

The second set on this gift ideas is the under $25 gifts. If you are on a budget, that’s okay! Your partner will still love these items and you don’t have to break the bank to see a smile on his face!

  1. Photo Frame. This is probably related to the creative section but I love buying photo frames for my boyfriend and just having my favorite photos of us on it. You can purchase a photo frame for an inexpensive price and wrap it up in a gift and give it to him. You can either decorate the frame or engrave it, but engraving will cost a lot and will be more than $25!
  2. Scarf. With it being cold in Boston, I love buying scarves to keep my boyfriend and my friends warm. I love the scarves at H&M. (One is linked!) They’re super cozy, affordable and warm. I buy their scarves all the time and still wear them to this day. Of course, scarves are more expensive depending on the brand, but H&M is a great affordable place for one!
  3. Boxers/Briefs. This will be for your partner! But who doesn’t need more boxers or briefs? I like buying boxers for my boyfriend. Calvin Klein has amazing quality and they’re on sale for under $25! These are long lasting and I totally recommend buying them for your partner. He will love them!
  4. Tanks. Calvin Klein’s tanks are also so comfortable and affordable. They’re on sale for 3 for $20! Every man needs a white tank to go underneath their clothing or to just wear at the house or even the beach! These white tanks are great quality and I totally recommend them to anyone who needs a gift for their men!
  5. Business cards. If your partner or friend is a business man, buy them business card holders. I personally love buying the leather ones for people because the quality lasts longer and they’re more durable. These ones aren’t a well-known brand but the price is affordable for this material.
  6. Cologne. I stand by Calvin Klein’s Eternity Men’s Cologne. This smells amazing and it’s under $25! That’s so inexpensive for a good smelling cologne.
  7. Razors/Grooming supplies. My boyfriend shaves every other day so a good razor and grooming supplies are essential. If your partner or friend likes to shave or groom a lot, then this is definitely essential! Don’t worry – they won’t get offended. They’ll only get offended if they don’t ever shave or groom constantly.
  8. Beanie. Beanies are so essential to keep warm. This one is from Express and the quality is amazing!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

The third set on this gift ideas is the under $50 gifts.

  1. Wallet. There are so many good quality wallets for under $50, especially this Calvin Klein wallet. The leather and material are great so I totally recommend!
  2. Sweatpants. Sweatpants are not always $50 but these sweatpants are from Calvin Klein and I adore how soft these are. Your man or your friend will adore these sweatpants!
  3. Gloves. With Winter here in Boston, gloves are essential. These North Face gloves are such great quality and they keep my hands warm and cozy. I totally recommend these to anyone.
  4. Gym bag. If your man or your friend is into fitness, then they totally need a gym bag. My boyfriend carries a gym bag and he has all his essentials in them!
  5. Gym sweater. Gym sweaters aren’t usually $50 but the nice quality ones are. If your boyfriend or friend is into fitness, then a gym sweater is necessary, especially if they go running in the winter!
  6. Running shoes. If your boyfriend or friend is into fitness, of course, running shoes are essential! These Nike air ones are under $50 so if you research enough, you’ll find quality running shoes for such an inexpensive price!
  7. Tie. Every guy needs a tie whether it’s for work, a special occasion, a conference – you need to get him a tie! This one is from Burberry and is such great material!
  8. Button Up Shirt. Every guy needs a button up shirt no matter the occasion. This one is from Calvin Klein and is super soft and great material!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

The fourth set on this gift ideas is the under $100 gifts.

  1. Backpack. Backpacks are so essential especially if the guy is in school or just traveling for the weekend. You can get a North Face Backpack for under $100. I bought one for my boyfriend years ago and the quality is still amazing!
  2. Briefcase. This is for all the business men. They definitely need a briefcase to put their laptop, documents and essentials in there. A good briefcase is one with good, long lasting leather like this one listed!
  3. Wireless Speakers. They are essential for parties and get together to play music. Everybody should have one in their home!
  4. Wireless Earphones. If you have the iPhone X, then wireless earphones are essential, especially good quality ones that won’t break on you!
  5. Belt. Good quality belts can get pretty expensive. These ones are from Calvin Klein and they are amazing!
  6. Dress Shoes. Every guy needs dress shoes! There’s always an occasion for dress shoes so help him out with these Calvin Klein shoes!
  7. Windbreaker. You need to keep him warm when it’s windy or raining out so this windbreaker is essential!
  8. Timberland Boots. Most Timberland boots are over $100 but certain ones are under $100 like these ones. They’re great for hiking and for the snow!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

The fifth set on this gift ideas is the under $250 gifts.

  1. Daniel Wellington Watch. I am obsessed with Daniel Wellington watches. They’re classy, simple and perfect for guys.
  2. Gucci Wallet. If your boyfriend or friend is into name brands, this Gucci wallet has such great material and I totally recommend this!
  3. The North Face Coat. Winter is here in Boston and it’s so essential to keep wamr. North face coats are usually my go to so help your man out with a nice, warm coat!
  4. Raybans. Everybody should own a nice pair of sunglasses. These raybans are perfect for the summer or for whenever it’s sunny out!
  5. Gucci Belt. Every guy needs to walk in style. I’m obsessed with this Gucci belt and totally recommend this to any guy who wants to look a little nice!
  6. Calvin Klein Trenchcoat. Trenchcoats are great for days that are windy and a bit chilly but not freezing out!
  7. Calvin Klein Denim Jacket. Okay, guys wear denim jackets, too! This denim jacket is perfect for guys!
  8. Skin Care Set. Guys should start taking care of their skin – it’s essential so help them out with this skin care set!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

The final set on this gift ideas is the under $500 gifts.

  1. Apple Watch Series 1. If your man is into electronics, get him the older Apple Watch version.
  2. Earlier Ipad Series 32 GB. The older iPad Series is still great. I have one and use it for traveling and doing my homework.
  3. Burberry Trenchcoat. This is if your man is into name brands. This Burberry Trenchcoat is so essential and great quality!
  4. GoPro Hero 6. If your man or friend is into electronics and video recording, I totally recommend this GoPro. I have the 4 and it’s amazing! I’m obsessed with it!
  5. Drone Set. I never realized how cool drones were until last year. This is for all the guys who are into video recording and editing.
  6. Playstation 4 Pro Console. If your man is a game freak like my boyfriend, then, yes, buy him a Playstation 4.

These are all ideas that I came up with for my boyfriend. Hopefully, these ideas help out your boyfriend or friend! Let me know what you’re getting them in the comments!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him


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