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Oversized Sweaters

Oversized Cardigans

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Outfit details
Black Knee High Boots (SIMILAR), F21 Gray Camisole, F21 Black Leggings, Blue Cardigan (SIMILAR)
Camera details
Shot with Canon EOS 60D with Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II SLR Lens

Does anybody’s office partake in “casual Fridays?” Sometimes, I partake in casual Fridays with my office and sometimes, I don’t. I decided to partake in it this Friday because well, it was raining and snowing so I didn’t feel like getting dressed up. Instead, I wore leggings, a camisole and an oversized cardigan. My oversized cardigan is definitely thick and cozy. It’s so soft and I adore wearing this cardigan. Most of the time, whenever I wear oversized cardigans, I wear it with a dress. Unfortunately, the dress I wanted to wear had a stain on it so I resorted to dressing casual. My cardigan covers my butt, so leggings are great for this.

I love that my cardigan isn’t itchy. Sometimes, fuzzy cardigans tend to get itchy but this one was soft. Also, I’m obsessed with the design. Because it was Friday, I decided to wear leggings. My cardigan was long enough to cover my butt so it wasn’t too inappropriate and because it was Casual Friday, no one really cared as well.

There’s a camisole underneath my cardigan. I did let my cardigan open. Yes, leggings and camisoles are inappropriate for work but my skin wasn’t showing. If it was too inappropriate, I could easily button up my cardigan.

For my boots, that’s right, I wore the same black knee high boots that I always wear. It was snowing and raining so I didn’t want to wear anything “nice.” I just threw on what I was used to and that’s fine! I’ve had these boots for two years and they still are in great condition! I’m obsessed with them.

How do you guys style oversized cardigans?
Do you guys dress casual at the office on Fridays?


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