Gather Round The Christmas Tree

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I finally put up our Christmas tree. We did it exactly a week before Christmas.

Usually, my family puts up the tree for us but this year, my boyfriend and I did it because everyone was busy. I guess we aren’t that excited for the holidays since everybody else did it right after Thanksgiving. But I did have fun because it was our first time putting the tree and decorating it together. I didn’t realize we had so many ornaments but I loved it. I was also able to use my Kylie Cosmetics Ornaments so I was excited about that.

I finally used Kylie’s holiday palette. I’m a noob when it comes to eyeshadow so it’s really basic, but I tried. I’ll continue to keep practicing and watching youtube videos.

I asked my boyfriend if I could wear his shirt. I love wearing his shirts as dresses because they’re all so comfy and cozy. He didn’t mind. I like the colors so that’s why I wanted to wear it. With my makeup and his shirt, he told me that I look like a “gothic chick” but I think it’s because I don’t play with dark colors on my face anymore. I wanted to branch out and use up all of my makeup and try something different.

The leggings are from Forever 21. I believe they are about $5. Not to see-through and they’re soft and comfortable. Didn’t have a problem with it falling down. It fit me comfortably and perfectly.

You may remember the boots. I have them in black. Can be seen in THIS POST and THIS POST and THIS POST. They’re from DSW and these boots are in a dark brown color. I like it. I think it matched fine with the purple and black. I like experimenting with different colors and seeing how they look together.

Choker is from Wet Seal. It was in a three-piece pack on clearance for $5.99 so I just had to get them! I normally don’t wear chokers but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and start wearing them. The choker can also be seen in THIS POST.

And Merry Christmas Eve! There will be a Christmas Eve outfit post next week! Check back again.

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