Trench Coat Dresses

With warmer weather, comes more dresses.

My supervisor at my office and I are pretty close. I pretty much tell her what’s going on in my life and vice versa. She went shopping the other day and bought this dress because it reminded her of me. She thrifted the dress unfortunately but when she gave it to me the next day, I was in love! The dress is somewhat thick so it kept me warm during the chilly breeze on the morning of this day. I had a regular, basic shirt underneath for more coverage and warmth. It was a little chilly but it wasn’t unbearably cold. I saw a lot of people wearing just a shirt or t-shirt, but I tend to get cold in my arms easily so I had a shirt underneath my trench coat dress. I have trench coats but I’ve never had a trench-coat-dress. It’s definitely a little different for me, but I’m obsessed with it. It’s really long and appropriate for work. It goes way past my knees and definitely recommend it to everyone. I wore tights underneath in case I was cold. The sleeves of my arms are a great length. For extra warmth, I buttoned most of my buttons but you can also button it up half-way to show the shirt underneath. I adore this trench dress because of the suede feeling and because of the big pockets! I can fit my keys and wallet in their and so much more! Also, there’s a belt in case I wanted a more flattering approach for my figure – if I wanted to outline a bit of my body and show that I have a figure instead of having it just loose.

You can also wear this trench-dress as a jacket too. You can wear jeans or even a skirt underneath with a cute top and have this trench-dress as a coat or an extra layer. Although this trench dress was thrifted, you can find a similar one HERE.

Flats are from 599fashion and they’re so comfortable. They’re the same pair from THIS POST HERE. You can find a similar pair RIGHT HERE.


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