Off The Shoulder Tops

Summer is the perfect time for off the shoulder shirts.

I never really wear off the shoulder shirts. I think it’s because I can never style them but lately, I’ve been seeing everyone wear off the shoulder shirts so I’ve decided to try it out, too.

I’m obsessed with my top. I love how flowy and loose it is. I love the colors and the design and I just think it’s the perfect top for summer. I love how loose it is. I don’t have to worry about it being too tight on me. The sleeves are my favorite part of the top because it’s trendy and stylish. I just think this top can easily be worn for a night out or a casual day. I wore this while in New Orleans when we were bar hopping in Bourbon Street. It’s lightweight and so great for hot weather. The material wasn’t too thin but it wasn’t thick enough to give me a heatstroke. I think the design makes the top look even more fun. I’m glad I hopped on the “off the shoulder trend” because I’ve been obsessed lately.

I just paired this top with black high waisted shorts. I tried tucking in my shirt but because the top is so loose and flowy, I thought it looked weird so I let it loose. You can’t tell that my shorts are high waisted but it is. It’s also of a soft material – perfect for summer. I didn’t even sweat through this shorts because the material was soft and thin. For anyone who has stretchy “moleton” pants, these are pretty much the shorts version. They’re super stretchy and aren’t tight on me whatsoever but they still outline my body nicely. I love shorts that are soft and stretchy!

I just wore regular flip flops from Primark to keep my outfit casual. Originally, my outfit was supposed to be for dinner but we went bar hopping right after so I didn’t have time to change my shoes, but regardless, I think my outfit was still cute. I prefer wearing flip flops since it's so easy for me to take off and put back on. 

Do you wear off the shoulder tops?


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