White and Black In The Office

Last week, I did color in the office but today, it’s all about white and black in the office.

599fashion shoes || 599fashion cardigan || Loft XS dress (SIMILAR ONE)

I love blazers and button downs as much as the next gal, but I’m all about dresses. Wearing black, gray, brown and any other neutral colors can be boring, but not with dresses! I’m super big on dresses and I love wearing them to the office.

My dress is an XS from Loft. There’s a zipper in the back that goes all the way to the top to keep the dress secured and tight. I adore the collar. I love wearing collared clothing so when I saw this dress in my sister’s closet, I had to take it. I’m obsessed with the checkered pattern. It reminds me of this dress in THIS POST. The difference between the dresses besides the collar is that this dress is a sleeveless dress! Sleeveless dresses are great for summer and spring. The length is completely appropriate for work. It’s long enough and totally perfect. The material is soft but also think I didn’t have to worry about my underwear line showing or my bra or anything else. The material is perfect. I completely recommend Loft!

I don’t think my boss or my colleagues would have mind that my dress was sleeveless, but I put on a cardigan anyway. I wanted to make my outfit professional and presentable, and I’m obsessed with this cardigan. It’s not too thick but it’s also not too thin. The length is perfect! There are also pockets on them. Definitely recommend long cardigans to go with dresses! I think it makes the outfit more chic and presentable. And I love the color of this cardigan as well. Cardigan is from 599fashion. I rolled up my sleeves because I ended up getting hot, haha.

My shoes are from 599fashion. They’re from THIS POST. And I adore them! They’re so comfortable. I love strappy shoes as long as they’re not too strappy and these were so easy to put on and take off. The zipper was the only problem I had with them because they were hard to zip up and zip down, but other than that, they weren’t hard to walk in. I wore black to match with the the stripes and I think it pulled the outfit together.

Wearing white and black can be boring in the office but not if you have a cute dress on! Sure, wearing neutral colors can be dull, but if you have the right outfit on, then it can be just as fun as colors in the office.


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